How to resolve synchronisation issues on Mac?

  1. Make sure to synchronise time automatically on your device.
    System Preferences -> Date & Time -> Set date and time automatically
  2. Check that you can see Purple Notes app listed and enabled in the iCloud Drive settings.
    System Preferences -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive -> Options -> Purple Notes -> Enable
  3. Force iCloud Drive sync.
    Turn off “iCloud Drive” in iCloud preferences -> Restart device -> Turning it back on
  4. Reset Application on device that is having problems.
    – Remove application from the Mac
    – Go to Finder
    – Choose “Go to Folder…” from the “Go” menu
    – Enter ~/Library/Containers/
    – Remove Application cache data from your Mac what is stored in a single folder com.smartapps.purplenotes.mac
    – Reinstall Purple Notes app from the Mac App Store
    – Launch the app and let it work for some time in order to fetch all updates from the iCloud
  5. If you’ve tried all of the above suggestions but are still having problems, please Reset application on all your devices